The Divisions

Currently, Primaflora International has three different divisions; Imported Air, Domestic, and Sea Container. 

Imported Air - Material produced outside of The United States that is flown in regularly to Los Angeles where it is processed through U.S. Customs and U.S.D.A. inspection. Once cleared, it is brought down to our warehouse located in North San Diego where our staff will process it and prepare it for delivery or shipment to its final destination.

Domestic - Material produced within The United States or its territories. Most of this material is grown in cellpac (liners) from tissue culture or seed. Almost all of our domestic material ships in 50cp or 72cp liners.

Sea Container - The newest part of Primaflora and rapidly expanding. This material is produced outside of The United States and is shipped to Los Angeles by cargo ship due to its weight and/or size. Material that would be too expensive to import using Air Freight can now be imported at a much more reasonable cost. This means our containers normally consist of larger, more mature material that has to spend less bench time getting to a retail size. 

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